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How to remove a car wheel

2020-03-09 18:09

If you need to change a wheel or repair a brake, you must remove the car's tires. Anyway everyone should know how to take off the wheels of your car.
1. Park your car on a flat surface or other convenient operation without affecting its position. Avoid the possibility of the car sliding forwards and backwards.
2. Use a wrench to loosen the nut counterclockwise. Do not remove the nuts. If there is a cap on the nut, remove the cap first, you may need to pry the following.
3. Apply the hand brake. If there is something in your car, put it on the other side of the disassembled wheel.
4. In the car's instructions, find where to store the jack. Each model has its own similar arrangement of jacks.
5. Put the jack in a safe place. Lift the side of the car with the wheel unloaded so that the wheel keeps a sufficient distance from the ground.
6. To unscrew the nut. After removing the last two nuts, you will feel the wheel sway.
7. Pull the wheel towards you until it is completely removed. If the nut is stuck, hit it a few times with a hammer, but be careful not to overdo it, otherwise the brake pads may be damaged.

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