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How to prevent sprinkler wheels from falling out

2020-03-09 17:57

Wheels are an important part to ensure that the vehicle "drives, turns, and brakes." The owner of the sprinkler must pay attention to the tires at all times, and respond in time to any abnormality. The following is an engineer from the sprinkler manufacturer who teaches the owner about the correct use and maintenance of the tire.
    1. Check the tires often
    The engineer of the water truck manufacturer reminded the owner to carry out the correct inspection and maintenance when using the car. There must be an omen before the wheels come off. As long as daily and regular inspections are done, wheel fall accidents can be avoided. Do not continue driving if abnormal conditions such as broken wheel bolts are found. If you need to change tires while driving, and incorrect operation when changing tires, it may cause the wheels to fall off and cause a serious traffic accident. When replacing tires, wheel bolts and nuts must be used properly.
    2. Daily precautions
    Tire shedding is mainly a problem of bolts and nuts, but the tire carcass must also be paid attention to. Usually, the car mainly checks the tire for cracks, damage and abnormal wear, checks the depth of the tire groove, and measures whether the tire pressure is within the specified range. If driving under abnormal tire pressure, it may cause the tire to fire or burst, which will also cause certain danger. Driving under low tire pressure or continuing to run after firing will increase the pressure on the wheel bolts, which may cause the bolts to break and tires to fall off.
    The sprinkler owner can also perform a self-inspection, and can visually check whether the wheel bolts and nuts are complete, rusted, or cracked or damaged. The engineer of the sprinkler manufacturer said that checking whether the dimensions of the wheel bolts that can protrude from the wheel nuts are consistent. If there is unevenness, it may cause the nuts to loosen or the bolts to break.

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