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How to treat furniture repair, furniture beauty, furniture r

2021-08-18 18:23

Furniture repair, furniture beauty, and furniture refurbishment. From the perspective of an individual family, it is a repair process for some damage to the structure of the furniture or the surface paint. These repairs include bumps, scratches, scratches, cracks, and breaks for all kinds of wooden furniture, leather furniture, marble furniture, and handicrafts. These processes are filled, polished, repaired, colored, and reinforced with professional repair materials. From achieving the effect of repair and recovery. Or it can refurbish the bright colors of old furniture by refurbishing, changing the skin, changing the surface, changing the color, etc., and change the color that you don't like to your favorite color, so that the dilapidated furniture will have a temporary new look and continue to be put into use. This is a good frugal way, without having to spend more money to buy new furniture, thereby reducing waste, turning expenses into treasure, and saving money for the family.

Save money and reduce waste
Some old furniture is made of solid wood, the texture is firm, and the use function is not reduced. If it is only because of partial damage or backward style, it will be sold as waste at a low price, and it is very wasteful even when it is thrown away. On the contrary, if repairs and renovations are properly re-functioned, you can save the expense of repurchasing furniture.
Reduce pollution and achieve environmental protection.
According to data, the carbon dioxide emissions of a new furniture product are 1,000 times that of refurbished similar furniture. Today, when the whole society advocates energy saving and emission reduction, repairing and refurbishing old furniture can reduce the plunder of forest resources caused by the manufacture of new furniture, especially solid wood furniture, so that environmental pollution can be reduced and environmental protection can be achieved.
Provide opportunities and promote employment.
The furniture repair and beauty industry provides more people with a job opportunity, because the entry barrier of the furniture beauty industry is low, and there is no restriction on gender and education. It is suitable for people of all ages, especially for those who can't do physical work when they are old. In all, this is a very good job choice.

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