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Furniture characteristics of neoclassical furniture

2021-08-18 18:26

Neo-classical furniture can be divided into two categories: Chinese-style neo-classical furniture and European-style neo-classical furniture. Chinese neoclassical furniture has changed the serious and dull style of traditional Chinese furniture. European neoclassical
The furniture abandons the complicated decorations that began in the Rococo period, pursuing simple and natural beauty while retaining the line contour features of European-style furniture. Whether it is Chinese neoclassical furniture or European neoclassical furniture, the style and details are like
Why not be the same, always pursue the comfort and sense of the times of furniture.
First-line furniture neo-classical furniture gallery (5 photos)
The most important thing in the characteristics of neo-classical furniture is that neo-classical furniture emphasizes "new" rather than blindly retro. This "new" not only refers to the new style of furniture, but also
Many refers to the "new" in the connotation of furniture. As described above, the Chinese neo-classical furniture and European neo-classical furniture are different and improved from traditional furniture in appearance, but the deep level comes from people’s mental state.
Change and innovation. Of course, blindly seeking novelty and ignoring the status of traditional culture in furniture is also undesirable.

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