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How to solve the black screen problem

2020-03-04 18:20

There are many cases of black screens, and you can find related solutions according to the text prompts of the black screens. But the most convenient way is to reinstall the system, but how can I reinstall if I can't enter the system? Today I will show you how to solve the black screen of the computer.Just use a USB boot disk.
1. Insert the U disk boot disk into the computer with a black screen, and continuously press the start hot key when booting, generally F11 F12 F1 F2 ESC, etc.
2. Select PE system to enter.
3. After entering the PE, install the system image in the USB flash drive.
4. Wait for the installation process, don't worry.
5. After the installation is complete, unplug the U disk and restart the computer.
6. After reinstalling the system, the computer will no longer have a black screen and can be used normally.

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