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What you need to repair your computer

2020-03-04 18:10

The computer in life is broken. To repair the computer, you need the necessary knowledge:
1. The necessary knowledge points for computer maintenance include: computer system maintenance and repair. The most basic knowledge point is to master and maintain the computer system once it is abnormal.
2. Knowledge of assembling a computer, familiarity with the internal structure of the computer, and surface phenomena such as damage to the internal board of the computer.
3. Basic maintenance tools such as air guns, soldering stations, BGA rework stations, adjustable power programmers, etc. that are required for computer maintenance.
4. There is also a machine and equipment related to the computer. You must also know how to install and apply it, such as printers, plotters, scanners, etc. Of course, maintenance is better.
5. In addition, the computer often causes failures caused by external damage, which causes keyboard failure, mouse failure, and other failures. These experiences must also be handled in a good manner.

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