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Computer common software repair tools

2020-03-04 17:03

Today I tell you that 4 kinds of computer repair software:
1. HDDR, also known as hard disk regenerator, repairs bad sectors by reversing the magnetic properties of magnetic disk tracks. HDDR can be used to repair magnetic disks after problems occur.
2.PC300 is also called Super Disk Repair Tool, which can repair various types of disks. He can perform low-level formatting of the disk, check for missing sectors or defective tracks, and repair by resetting, replacing, or skipping defects, readjusting the internal parameters of the hard disk, logically cutting (that is, stopping using) the defective magnetic head, etc .
3.Easy Recovery, also known as hard disk recovery tool, can recover hard drive data that was accidentally deleted or formatted.
4. Security software, such as Baidu Guardian, can perform system cleaning and maintenance software, and can perform operations such as junk file cleaning, file encryption, and software backup.

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